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School Directory


Address: 351 West 18th Street, New York, NY 10011 MAP
Phone: 212-488-3645
Fax Main Office: 212-488-3355
Fax Parent Coordinator: 212-488-3357
Website: q2l.org
General information email: [email protected]
For extensions, wait until you hear the voice presenting options, then dial the extension.
The Q2L staff requests that if possible families reach out by email.

Main Office

Sandima Vidana – Payroll Secretary
email: [email protected]
Suzanne Pillsbury – School Secretary
email: [email protected]
Millie Cordero – Attendance Helper
email: [email protected]
Room 526
Extension: 5261

Parent Coordinator

Kathy Ringrose
email: [email protected]
Room 712
Extension: 7122

Middle School Guidance Counselor

Rachelle Vallon
Room 711
Extension: 7111

Grade 8th-10th Guidance Counselor

Patricia Thomas
email: [email protected]
Room 529
Extension: 5291

11th & 12th Grade Guidance Counselor / College Advisor:

Erica Formosa
email: [email protected]
Room 517a
Extension: 5174

Mt. Sinai Health Clinic

Room 612
Extension: 6121