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At Quest to Learn, students have a number of opportunities to explore design, theater, and visual art during their middle school and high school experience.
SFTM Grade 6: In the 6th grade students examine "systems thinking" through game design. Students are challenged to analyze the world around them and think about how small changes can have big effects.
Design All Stars: DAS is an elective class open to high school students who excel in Design Thinking. This class explores a number of different approaches to design and incorporates analog, digital and prototype building activities. 
SFTM Theater Arts: Students participate in theater games, improvisation activities, and reading through plays, as well as experiencing live theatrical performances.  Skills emphasized include creativity, confidence, teamwork, respect and a sense of community and theater techniques.
High School Introduction to Visual Arts: This introductory level class is open to all high school students. Throughout the course, students explore the elements and principles of design through a variety of media while making connections to historical and contemporary art, and personal experience.
AP Art + Design: Students investigate a topic of their choosing and create a portfolio inspired by their research, as they simultaneously develop their technical skills. Portfolios are then submitted to the College Board and students have the opportunity to earn college credit.