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Quest Learning Model Linked to Significant Learning Gains

Middle and high school students at NYC public school Quest to Learn achieve significant growth in critical thinking, reasoning, problem-solving and communication skills, according to new research from New York University.
These learning gains are measured by the College and Work Readiness Assessment (CWRA+), a state-of-the-art performance-based assessment developed by the Council For Aid To Education.
According to a preliminary analysis of CWRA+ results by independent researchers at the Connecting Youth: Digital Learning Research Project at New York University:
  • The average rate of growth of a Quest to Learn 8th–10th grade student in one year is comparable to the average rate of growth of a college student on a similar test called the CLA — across all four years of college.
  • The average rate of growth is such that a student scoring at the 50th percentile in 9th grade would score at the 72nd percentile or higher if retested with a similar group of 9th graders the following year.
  • The Quest model is associated with measurable improvement in ELA test scores, CWRA+ performance, and educational attitudes, based on a new measure called the ‘Connected Learning Index’ that associates educational outcomes with core characteristics of the Quest model (including technology integration, attitudes towards feedback and iteration, and relationships with peers and adults.)

About the CWRA+

The CWRA+ was developed by the Council for Aid to Education to provide a reliable and valid measure of critical thinking skills that are in high demand by colleges and employers
By challenging students to demonstrate skills, rather than to simply recall information, performance-based assessments like the CWRA+ provide evidence that students:
  • master critical thinking and reasoning skills
  • become independent thinkers
  • can come up with creative solutions to complex problems
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