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“Quest teachers are warm, caring, enthusiastic, and passionate about what they do. I have never seen a more kid-friendly environment than Q2L.”
Melissa Bell, Middle School parent
“Quest is a school where people, ideas, learning and creativity coexist within a diverse educational community.”
– Rick Litvin, Middle School parent
“There is a routine, a regular structure. You can’t abandon traditional teaching practices. It’s not ‘Play a game and you’re never going to have to demonstrate that you’ve learned anything.’”

— Kate Selkirk, 6th grade math teacher
“A Q2L student is prepared not only for college, but for life. The systems thinking structure and iterative platforms provide foundations of intellectual navigation that are durable in all life situations from high school to college and beyond.”
Heather Church Tsapalas, Upper School parent
“My son has become engaged in school and confident in his abilities since day one. Q2L fits him like a glove.”
Mor Armony, Middle School parent
“Quest does what school is supposed to do: make learning an adventure, not a chore.”
Stephen Duncombe, Middle School parent
“After middle school at Quest, I knew their high school was for me.”

— Upper School student
“At Quest to Learn the simple semantic (and philosophical) switch — from “grades” to “scores” and from “curriculum” to “games” — immediately engages students and innately motivates them to succeed. Their inner competitiveness (honed by years of conventional play time) pushes them to achieve a “higher score,” they want to succeed and to “win.” At Quest “win” means learn, understand, and retain what is being taught.”
Marion Rosenfeld, Middle School parent
“Quest to Learn has been an amazing fit for my son, a much more active and interactive educational experience than more traditional schools.”
— Daryl Samuel, Upper School parent