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College Preparation

Quest to Learn prepares Upper School students for college and the college application process throughout their high school years in the Home Base Advisory class, in conjunction with Quest’s college counselor, Erica Formosa. In 9th and 10th grade, students are given an overview of types of colleges and degrees, they begin to discuss what their academic and career interests may be, and they learn the necessity of further developing good academic work habits.
In eleventh and twelfth grade, students learn about the application process, and develop their profiles on Naviance in terms of their interests in specific types of colleges (small, large, liberal arts, etc.) Students also travel with the school to a variety of public and private colleges in New York State and the Washington DC area. Also, university admissions officers come to Quest to speak to parents and students to further explain the admissions process.
The Quest To Learn School Profile can be found here.

Quest offers the following Advanced Placement courses:

Calculus, Environmental Science, Biology, Language, Literature and Composition
Students may take college courses at Baruch College through our partnership with College Now. In all college courses, students earn college credits.
SAT/ACT prep: Students may take a practice SAT course at no cost through our relationship with The College Board