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6th Grade

Our sixth grade curriculum is designed to help students think about who they are, what their place is in middle school, and what it means to be a sixth grader, all within our game-like learning focus. Our students have chosen to come to Quest because they’re interested in approaching learning in a different way, and they’re coming from all kinds of educational backgrounds. So, in part, the sixth grade curriculum is designed to help these students understand game-like learning. We introduce students to the mechanics and components of games, along with what it means to be in a class where the summative assessment isn’t necessarily a test, but rather a project a student works on over the course of a mission.

Sample Class for 6th Grade

The Way Things Work
Integrated Science and Math

In 6th grade The Way Things Work (TWTW 6) students experiment, design, and solve a variety of context-specific problems incorporating content and skills from life science, physical science, literacy, and mathematics. Yearlong skills that students focus on in TWTW 6 include using evidence in scientific argumentation, experimental design, communication, and collaboration. The year begins with an exploration of the scientific method, the design process, and forces and motion. In trimester 2, students study human body systems, homeostasis and cellular processes and functions. During the final trimester, students discover the interacting variables in ecosystems, and they become advocates for the planet’s biosphere.