Scientific American: Fact or Fiction? Video Games Are the Future of Education

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Scientific American

Quest to Learn is profiled as part of an article in Scientific American on gaming in education by Elena Malykhina

“Testing fatigue, combined with more pervasive computer use in and out of the classroom and continued experimentation with games as learning tools, suggests that such video games will play a significant role in the future of education. The Quest to Learn public school in New York City offers a glimpse of how gaming is already transforming not just how students learn, but also what they learn. The teachers there have been using the principles of video game design to write their curriculum since the school opened its doors in 2009. This curriculum—organized into missions and quests—focuses on multifaceted challenges that may have more than one correct answer, letting students explore different solutions by making choices along the way, says Ross Flatt, assistant principal at the school.”

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