Q2L 2017 Spring Auction Site Is Almost LIVE!

April 7, 2017 Connor Smith Events Gallery, Kathy's Report, Q2L at Large

Dear Q2L Community & Supporters,

Our Q2L PTA 2017 Spring Auction site is now set up so that you can purchase tickets before/during Spring Break to reserve your spot at our fabulous Zinc Bar Auction Launch Party!   Join us on Thursday, April 27th at 6:30 PM as the on-line auction goes live.  We’ll enjoy great food, wine, entertainment and lots of fun, as we bid on items – some only available at the event.  You can also sponsor a teacher or make a contribution toward a teacher’s admission.  On your phone? We have mobile access!

We still need lots of donations to make our auction a grand success.  There are four convenient ways to submit your auction donation items:

  1. Use THIS FORM to solicit donors.  Scan and email to q2lauction@gmail.com
  2. Use THIS FORM to solicit donors.  Scan and return to PTA mailbox in the 5thfloor office.
  3. Use our automated form to submit your donation.
  4. Register for the site and submit your donation

More good news:  Whether buying tickets or uploading a donation on the auction website, you are automatically registered as a bidder!  You’ll get a preview as auction items are posted which gives you an edge once bidding starts.  You can also check the Q2L website throughout auction season.

And here’s one more bit of great news:  The auction is not just for parents and adults.  We are having a Staff raffle for the kids!  These are for activities your child can do with a Q2L Administrator or Teacher of their choice with lots of cool options.  In past years, raffle winners and their invited friend enjoyed pizza with a teacher, a cooking class, sporting events, and theatre outings, just to name a few.


The Q2L PTA Spring Auction is our biggest fundraiser, supporting our students in both educational and extra-curricular activities.  We are eternally grateful for your support.  Together, we’ll make this year’s auction a grand success!

Thanks so much for your support.

Happy bidding!                                            We’re making it happen for our Kids!