Go Fund Me: SpongeBob Theater Tickets for Q2L

December 17, 2017 Connor Smith Events Gallery, Kathy's Report, Q2L at Large

Every December 6th Grade Quest to Learn students compete in a design challenge called “Boss Level.”  During the week-long challenge, students create giant Rube Goldberg machines to accomplish a simple task like pulling a tissue out of a box.

Currently, the SpongeBob SquarePants Musical, on Broadway, has a GIANT Rube Goldberg machine on stage.  The production has agreed to give 6th Grade Q2L students a personal tour of the set and let them walk on stage after a matinee performance. This will be an incredibly exciting experience for our students and will create life-long memories!

Group tickets cost $40 per student; far below normal Broadway prices!

While $40 doesn’t seem like a lot… it’s expensive for our school!  Quest to Learn is a 6-12 public school that is currently Title I due to the high proportion of low income families.  Any donation to this campaign will be greatly appreciated!

Please donate by clicking here: https://www.gofundme.com/spongebob-theater-tickets-for-q2l

We plan to take students to a matinee sometime in January, depending on the funds we raise through this campaign!  The more money we raise, the more students can be included in this experience.

Please support this campaign!  Student enthusiasm and engagement will be greatly increased during Boss Level if this project culminates in tickets to this fabulous Broadway Show!


Kate Litman