“A Quest For A Different Learning Model” – Huffington Post

January 12, 2015 q2ladmin41 In the Press

The Huffington Post did a long profile on Quest to Learn on their Parents blog. Read the article “A Quest For A Different Learning Model: Playing Games In School” by Mary Talbot, here’s an excerpt:

By delivering curriculum through the medium of games — some digital, some not — Quest hoped to bridge the chasm between what kids enjoy and value in their lives, and what they need to learn in school. This “connected learning,” says Rebecca Rufo-Tepper, one of Quest’s founding designers, “makes learning irresistible. It’s connected to kids’ lives, with a purpose, and with relevance to the real world.”

While technology is still at the core of the model, the kernel in the center of that core is games and “game-like” learning. In the process of finding its feet, Quest ditched the “school for digital kids” tagline and replaced it with “Challenging students to invent their future.

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