PTA Overview

The Q2L PTA originated in the autumn of 2008 with a small group of parents from the founding class who wanted to help our school. Since then, our school has grown and so has our PTA, which serves both the Middle and Upper School. All parents/caregivers are welcome and encouraged to participate.

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PTA Officers 2021 – 2022

Presidents: Tiffany Vanderpool

Vice Presidents: Quynh Mai

Treasurer: Andrew Allwood

Recording Secretary: Celia O’Donnell

Corresponding Secretary: Stephen Morrash


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The SLT Members for the 2021-2022 academic year are;

Principal:  Marina Galazidis

UFT Representative: Rachelle Vallon

PTA President:  Tiffany Vanderpool

Title 1 PAC:  Christine M. Duenas

DC 37 Representative: William Moyet

Student Representative:  Samantha Brownlie

Student Representative:  Alexander Shainberg

Upper School Parent:  Nicholas Day

Upper School Parent:  Lisa Lam

Upper School Parent:  Alyson LeDoux

Middle School Parent: Elaine Williams-Bethea

Middle School Parent: Deborah JT Grinnard

Upper School Teacher: Christina Blazej

Upper School Teacher: Rosinna Aviles

Middle School Teacher: Lee Garber

Middle School Teacher: Stephen Morrash


PTA Mission Statement

The mission of the Q2L PTA is to support community building initiatives and fundraising goals in service of the students and faculty. These goals are designed in conjunction with the administration and the teachers, which is a collaboration we cherish. Additionally, we are fortunate to have extraordinary students at Quest and, more often than not, those students are the by-products of even more extraordinary parents/caregivers. The Quest community is creative, innovative and a joy to be a part of.


How to Get Involved

Community service is for grownups, too! It takes a village and we have a wonderful group of parents who participate in any number of ways, from potluck donations to running community building events for the students, for the families and, sometimes, just for the adults (because they deserve to have fun too!) If you have energy and enthusiasm, there is a place for you! Many of the current volunteer offerings were parent-led initiatives. A list of these opportunities will be provided.

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School Leadership Team (SLT) Overview

School Leadership Teams are vehicles for developing school-based educational policies, and ensuring that resources are aligned to implement those policies. SLTs assist in the evaluation and assessment of a school’s educational programs and their effects on student achievement. SLTs play a significant role in creating a structure for school-based decision making, and shaping the path to a collaborative school culture. New York State Education Law Section 2590-h requires every New York City Public School to have a School Leadership Team.

The Quest to Learn SLT is responsible for assisting the school in fulfilling its mission: to provide a learning environment that will inspire and challenge all of our students to become independent system thinkers, problem solvers and lifelong learners, and to work as a collaborative unit of parents, faculty and staff to ensure that all children reach their academic, social and wellness goals. In addition, SLT team members are responsible for: participating in the development and review of the Comprehensive Educational Plan (CEP); ensuring that the budget is aligned to support the CEP; working collaboratively with team members to share ideas and concerns ,and listening to the ideas and concerns of others; engaging in collaborative problem-solving that will lead to consensus-based decisions that meet the needs of all students; sharing the views of their constituencies with the team; and engaging in conflict resolution processes when necessary.

The core members of the team shall be the Principal, United Federation of Teachers (UFT) Chapter Chairperson and the Parent Association or Parent Teacher Association (PA/PTA) President or Co-President or their designees. The remaining members of the team  consist of:

  • 2 Upper School parents
  • 2 Lower School parents
  • 1 Upper School teacher
  • 1 Lower School teacher
  • 1 staff member or community member
  • 2 Upper School students

The SLT Members for the 2020-2021 academic year are:

  • Principal: Nick Jurman
  • UFT Representative: Rachelle Vallon
  • PTA Co-President:  Andrew Allwood
  • PTA – US: Nick Day
  • PTA – US: Allyson LeDoux
  • PTA – US: Lisa Lam
  • PTA – MS: Jenny Foxe
  • PTA – MS: Allisyn Levy
  • PTA – MS – PAC: Christine Duenas
  • UFT Representative – MS: Chris Schilling
  • UFT Representative – MS: Octavia Slay
  • UFT Representative – US: Rosinna Aviles
  • UFT Representative – US: Christina Blazej
  • DC-37 Representative: William Moyet
  • Student Representative US – SGO: TBA
  • Student Representative US – NHS: Declan Daleo
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