Important Contacts

Main Office
(212) 488-3645

For extensions, wait until you hear the voice presenting options, then dial the extension.

School Health Clinic,
ext. 6121

Kathy Ringrose – Parent Coordinator,
ext. 7122

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Welcome to Families

Q2L welcomes families as a vital part of our community. Before the start of school each year, families, administrators and teachers come together to set up the hallways and classrooms, with everyone chipping in to help kids feel welcome on the first day of school.

We also welcome families into our community at the end of missions, when students talk about and display their work, as well as to our “Q-dent of the Month” ceremony in which a student from each class is awarded this honor in front of the entire school for achievement in citizenship, community building and/or academic progress. As a way to ensure that our families are engaged, we have student-led parent teacher conferences where parents have the opportunity to hear their child, rather than just the teacher, discuss their schoolwork, their progress, and their academic goals.

Finally, we have a strong advisory program in which every student is known well by an advisor. That advisor serves as a touchstone for communication between the families and Q2L.

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What To Do If…

Do you have a question? Also refer to the School Handbook for more information.

Have your child come to the Main Office to sign in and bring a note from the doctor/dentist.
Have your child come to the main office to sign in and bring a note from the school where the tour was held. Be sure that your child writes his/her name on the note.
As always, have your child come to the main office to sign in and get a late pass. Then go to the MTA Subway Delay Verification website. When you get the verification, attach it to an email and send to Suzanne Pillsbury (  
Have him or her sign up in the main office for a replacement. It can take up to 48 hours to replace a card.
Email Suzanne Pillsbury ( or call the Main Office at (212) 488-3645 every day your child is out. If your child goes to a doctor, please bring in a note from your doctor.
Email or call Millie Cordero ( in the main office at (212) 488-3645 and either you or your child can pick it up the next day.
Call Millie Cordero in the main office at (212) 488-3645.
You or your child must bring a signed note from the doctor stating medical reason(s) your child MUST take the elevator (including the duration) to the main office.

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