At the Quest to Learn Middle School, classes are made up of six “Integrated Domains”: The Way Things Work; Being, Space, and Place; Codeworlds; Point of View; Wellness; and a media literacy/design course called Sports for the Mind. Q2L domains are more than traditional subject-specific classes, but are interdisciplinary and integrate the traditional domains of math, science, history, and literature to form practice spaces for students to gain experience in different ways of knowing. Each learning context is concerned with helping students develop a game design and systems perspective of the world. The unique names of each domain reflect this philosophy.

Being, Space, and Place

A class connecting social studies with reading and writing fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and comics.

Boss Level

A week-long “intensive” where students apply acquired knowledge and skills to propose solutions to complex problems.


A class where math meets English language arts and language rules the day.

Home Base

A student advisory program that allows a small group of students an opportunity to check-in with one key teacher, or advisor, over the course of the school year.

Institute of Play

Quest to Learn’s founding partner.

Mission Lab

Quest to Learn’s game design and curriculum development studio.


Units of study that give students a complex problem they must solve. Missions are made up of several “quests.”

Point of View

A class


Quest to Learn


Challenge-based lessons that make up Missions. If Missions were video games, Quests would be the levels in the games.

Sports for the Mind

A class focused on digital media, game design, and systems thinking.

State Standards

Content and skills that the state of New York has determined every student should know.

The Way Things Work

A science and math class where students learn how to take all kinds of systems apart and put them back together again.


A class designed to get students moving and thinking about ways to be healthy—including everything from nutrition to sports to mental, social, and emotional health.

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